EU Terminology Databases

Did you know the European Parliament sponsors a team who coordinates terminology for the EU and their translation teams and others, as well as making contributions to the EU terminology database IATE? They also manage the IATE database and provide online tools for translation and terminology research.

eu-glossaries You can find TERMCOORD here:
Termcoord Glossaries

This is a massive glossary hosted by and for EU institutions and bodies, and is open to the public. There’s a new search box that allows you to search directly in the glossaries!
(this is a beta version in testing)

Our initial tests bring up various Google search results, in which certain terms can be found, such as for this search we did for “climate change.” Our result yielded this PDF detailing conceptual details about climate change terms and misunderstandings about them: Climate Change Search Result

Further, IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) is the terminology database for all EU institutions. They state it’s open to use to EU members, and they provide some links to enable browser extensions so that you can utiilize the database at home: IATE Link