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Bienvenidos Welcome to Vocálesis - servicios de interpretación y traducción profesional
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Welcome! From Anywhere in the World
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Strategically located in the cities of Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and Cartagena, Vocálesis's professional interpreters specialize in providing high-level bilingual interpretation services and professional translation services, in-booth interpretation, and personalized bilingual assistance and customized bilingual support services in mutiple languages for visitors to Colombia, conference speakers, busy entrepreneurs, traders, foreign officials, researchers, teachers, tourists and anyone else who wants to visit Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Cartagena, the Coffee Belt, La Guajira, the Amazon, Colombia's Pacific Coast, or any other Colombian region, destination, city, attraction or event.

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Your Vocálesis Translators are Standing By . . .

Vocálesis translators are ready and available to assist you or your team with all matters written or spoken, and they'll ensure that your stay in Colombia is pleasant and efficient. Our goal is to eliminate all language and cultural barriers in order to optimize your itineraries and experiences during your trips to Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Cartagena, the Coffee Belt, or anywhere else throughout our proud nation of Colombia. We have a professional network and experienced team of translators and on-site interpreters in many major cities and urban centers of Colombia.

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Vocálesis is Professional and Seasoned . . .

Our interpreters and translators are native Spanish speakers from Colombia and Latin America with professional backgrounds boasting bilingual expertise and training as professional linguists. Each interpreter and translator possesses a broad and diverse understanding of linguistics in various areas and fields of science, technology, industry and academia, as well as legal and cultural topics. Our associates also understand all local customs, traditions, practices and culture, and they'll happily assist you with their keen and innate knowledge of Colombian history, proudly sharing with you the essence, magic, taste and experience of everyday life in Colombia and Latin America.

Hope for Our World

To Our Entire Local and Global Interpreting and Translation Community:

We are on a mission to break and simplify language barriers and foster meaningful connections across the globe. Our commitment is to deliver linguistic excellence through precision, innovation and a deep understanding of diverse cultures, traditions and paths of life. We aspire to be the catalyst for seamless communication, providing clients with bespoke language solutions that transcend cultural nuances. Our mission is to empower clients, enrich experiences and redefine the art of multi-language services with passion, expertise and a global perspective.

Thank you very much for visiting, and we offer our best wishes to everyone here on this beautiful planet !!

- Your humble Vocálesis Translators and Interpreters

“Our colleagues were delighted with the translator we got, and we were able to successfully conclude our business meeting because of them. What an amazing seminar!!”
Julian Lopez
Bogotá - Colombia