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Excellent. Our conference was such a great success and we feel very satisfied with the service of your interpreters. They were of great use and they’re really very knowledgeable in their field. Congratulations and thanks a lot!!”
– John Schwarzell, Digital Solutions, Inc – Sherman Oaks, IL – USA
“We are very impressed by the aptitude and bilingual skills of your translators. Bravo!! Thank you very much for all your help. It was a wonderful experience and
a great choice to have done business in Colombia.
– Mark Walters, Unysis Systems, Valencia, CA – USA
“This has sincerely been one of the best conferences that we have had in many years, and your execution of simultaneous interpreting was impeccable. We can’t wait to see them again for our coming conference next year. Thank you!!”
– Dra. McBeth-Johnston, Mercy Hospital – Baltimore, USA
“Your interpreting team was indispensable and more than satisfactory for each of our video conference attendees. Our company wants to come back and use the same interpreters for all our scheduled events and symposiums next year. I am grateful to them
so much for their assistance. Congratulations.”
– MHC – Dermatólogo, Cali – Colombia
“Our colleagues were delighted with the translator we got, and we were able to successfully conclude our business meeting because of them.
What an amazing seminar!!”
– Julian Lopez, Bogotá – Colombia
 “If we had not had the service of your personal interpreter, our tour to Cali, Popayán, Pereira and Armenia would have been a big nightmare. Everything was brilliant!!”
– Elke Handschug – Dresden, Alemania
“A thousand thanks for your help! We did not have any problems speaking with our North American colleagues, and the conference was a big success.”
– Olga L. Quevedo – Cali, Colombia
“Excellent! By far, the best translators and team of bilingual interpreters that we
have had in any of our events!”
– Lina Lorenzoni – International Bar Association
“Very professional; we liked the wonderful team and all of their simultaneous interpreting services, and our project was quite the success because of your help and collaboration.”
– Juliana Erazo – Cartonera Nacional S.A.

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