Vocálesis – Traductores e Intérpretes

We will design and develop specific tiered language lessons personalized and catered to your individual needs, priorities, preference and level when it comes to learning, practicing and mastering the English language.

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Practice Your English!

Whether your job, academic career, work project or special interest or personal desire are the motivation to learn to speak and write in English or Spanish, we are available any day of the week to help you to practise, reinforce, extend and master your bilingual skills no matter whether you're a novice or practiced.

The time to learn English or Spanish is NOW, and we have all the means and resources available, and we can even meet at your home or business to help you achieve your linguistic goals!!

  • English or Spanish Lessons for all the levels - All ages - it's never late to start!!
  • In-home lessons or at your office or other location - Anytime - from Monday to Saturday - Short or Long.
  • Advice and guidance for assistance with personal chats, presentations, exhibitions and meetings abroad.
  • Conversation and practice in different environments and situations for advanced levels.
  • Lesson plans designed specifically for you: your schedule, your needs, your goals, and your success!!