Vocálesis – Traductores e Intérpretes

Services: Our professional translators and interpreters are ready, willing and able to give you the best bilingual assistance and provide the most ideal results in any of these situations or for any project requiring precise linguistic proficiency:

interprete en conferencia conferences meetings interpreting
Conferences - Seminars - Workshops

  • Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation - Real-Time – Consecutive – On-line & Virtual
  • Bilingual Services for Speakers, Exhibitors, and Foreign Invited Guests
  • Escorts and Bilingual Assistants Specialized in the Medical, Industrial, Corporate, Financial, Scientific, Diplomatic, Educational, Arts & Music and much more.
  • Document Translation - Leaflets - Manuals - Books - Advertising Materials, etc.

Traduccion Empresarial executive interpreting
Business - Corporate - Executive

  • Corporate Reunions
  • Board of Directors meetings - Assemblies - Administrative Strategies
  • Live Chats - Presentations - Foreign Visits- Foreign Dignitaries - International Training
  • Human Resources - Implementation of Technologies and Methodology - Logistics
  • Document Translation - Leaflets - Manuals - Books - Advertising Materials, etc.

business meeting from above books
Academics - Science and Investigative Research - Continuing Education

  • Forums - Meetings - Symposiums - Online Classes - Academic Chats
  • Investigations in the Field - Proofs and Tests - Short and Long Term Projects
  • Cultural exchanges - Visits of Teachers and Foreign Scientists
  • Documents Translation - Leaflets - Manuals - Books - Advertising Materials, etc.

Asesoría legal en diversos idiomas legal translation interpreting
Legal - Judicial - Diplomatic and Governmental

  • Declarations under oath - Judgments - Judicial Processes - Bail - Legal Proceedings
  • Civil and Penal Hearings - Interviews and Investigations - Information Collection
  • Steps - Negotiations - Judicial and Jury Proceedings
  • Official Visits - Foreign Civil Servants - International Relations
  • Journeys and trips throughout Colombia, the Amazon and South America
  • Documents Translation - Leaflets - Manuals - Books - Advertising Materials, etc.

Traducción Total All Web Multimedia Translation businessman working laptop
Total Translation - All Web - Multimedia Translation

  • Translations of web pages (personal, commercial, and corporate) - Monitoring, Follow-up and Cybervirtual Development.
  • Build your Fan Page in any language; virtual catalogues and brochures, investigation and research, marketing and advertising.
  • Translation of Virtual Tours and Visits, Interviews, Chats, Videos, Webcasts and Computer graphics, logos and taglines.
  • Translation of subtitles, dubbing for Cinema, TV, Video, and Documentaries - Scripts, lyrics, screenplays and captioning.
  • Full Multimedia Translations

Bilingual tour guides sightseeing companions
Tourism - Tours in the city and all of Colombia

  • Tourism and tours (individuals, couples, groups, managerial, site tours, urban or rural) - Foodies! Colombian gastronomy and local flavors - Points of interest in the city - Recreation and sports activities in the region - Regional Points of Interest, something unusual, worth discovering - Surprises and new experiences
  • Cultural tours: Architecture, Museums, Churches, Fine Arts - Historical/Heritage, Music, etc.
  • Ecological tours: Parks and Natural Reserves, Mountain trails, paths and routes, Estates and Mansions, Lakes, Rivers, and Adventures, etc.
  • Night tours: Nightlife, Live Music, traditional and other dances, theatrical spectacles, concerts, cabaret and lounges, etc.

localization vocalesis cali translate websites with idiom
Localization Services

  • Website Localization • Software Localization
  • Global Marketing: Web and Online Solutions and Expertise
  • Vocálesis translation and localization experts are here to help you design and launch websites that effectively reach your growing markets. We will effectively assist you not only by getting the word out, but also in the correct language and local idiom with an eye on cultural affinity, precision and quality translation. Our main objective is to guarantee that your website, software or campaign displays and optimizes your company´s quality services and offerings in any language, while keeping your message on target, and developing your brand with consistency and effective awareness.

Clases de Inglés personalizadas a domicilio english lessons
English Classes and Lessons – Lesson Planning - Bilingual Assistance

  • All Levels - All Ages - Beginners to Intermediate - it's never too late to begin!!
  • Private personalized language lessons at home or work – From Mon to Sat - Short/Long Term
  • Advice and Approaches to International Chats, Presentations, Exhibitions Abroad
  • Conversation and Practice in Various Environments and Situations for Advanced Levels
  • Classes designed for your schedule, your needs, your goals, your success!!

Eventos Públicos y Culturales public events culture
Public and Cultural Events

  • Our Bilingual Services offer excellent assistance and monitoring of all types of events and situations whether in the city, in the region or across the country, regardless of the complexity, nature or logistics required for your project, event or business plan.
  • Documents Translation - Leaflets - Manuals - Books - Advertising Materials, etc.